Burrito #20! Mission Beach Cafe

On Friday night, we had the best burrito ever! We walked into Mission Beach Cafe with a pack of tortillas so that we could make burritos, you know, as usual. When the waiter saw our tortillas, he said that he “loves it when people bring in their own tortillas,” somewhat sarcastically and disparagingly. We, however, won him over with our lovely charm when we told him about the burrito challenge. 

He then went into the kitchen, conversed with the chefs, and BAM. They make us custom made burritos. Turns out that the chef was sympathetic to our cause because he’s a burrito lover himself. He lived without burritos for a period of eight months while he was in New Zealand, missed burritos, and had burritos straight (voluntarily!!) for two weeks! This place is bomb. 

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